Life Swapping 3.0

I don‘t read Slate on a regular basis, but I have their feed on my Facebook and this is how I stumbled upon their new project (if you will), that I want to share with you.

Slate editor Michael Agger and his wife Susan Burton are switching roles for two weeks. The whole thing is called „Freaky Fortnight“ and there are several reasons why I‘m super stoked about it right now.

First: the story itself. Agger‘s wife is an author who does home office and takes care of their two children while he is off editing stories at Slate (which is a Web-Only Mag, icydk).

Second: the fact that both of them are writers promises the project to be very entertaining. And  from what I‘ve read on their Twitter so far, it is indeed.

Third: Yes Twitter. Michael and Susan are frequently updating their Twitter. The short and funny tweets add perfectly to the blog on Slate. Actually, this is what makes the whole project unique. It‘s not just a daily report. It‘s having the feeling of being there when Michael overfeeds his kid and Susan is excited about her ergonomic chair.

To me, the use of Twitter (and Facebook) increases the value of observing this life swap. This is how online media should use social media. Not just for sharing their goddamn links.

  1. Perfect bottom line!

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